Young Ladies Journal April 1879




Whomever thought the Victorians were short on fancy and high on stuffiness has never come across this pattern.  This design was published in the Young Ladies Journal in 1879 over a two month period.  This is the pattern for a chair back, and the previous month was for the corresponding chair seat.  Fanciful at its best, the design is comprised of oriental lilies and what appear to be cosmos, set against a backdrop of large caladium leaves in bright hues.  I have seen no less than three copies of this pattern and each one was in a different hue.  This was a severe problem for the time as mass production of this type often led to colors running or bleeding into one another giving an overall dark appearance.  I have chosen the brighter of the three patterns, but by an alteration of the coloring, you could achieve and entirely different look.  The pattern is 170 stitches wide by 256 stitches tall and uses 40 DMC colors.  Sadly the corresponding chair seat pattern was not in good enough shape to digitize.


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